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Meet The Team

Rare|ity Salon

You're so Rare. 

 Owned by Rachel herself, it is located in the heart of down town Fremont. Though it may not be located in a big city, it made big waves with its charisma. Few short months after opening, International hair magazine wrote a two page spread on the salon and what the design stands for! We want to bring the inward beauty to the surface. Supporting women in the idea that we are all RARE. Competing with other women is an agenda that is quite unfair to us as individuals. 

Our Mission

We are Independent stylists looking to support you in creating the best hair you can have. We want you to know that we care about the health of your hair along with the day to day worries you may have. Color, haircuts along with product are tools that can help you love your hair every day. We provide complimentary wifi, Beverages and plenty snack options for your stay with us. 

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