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The Luna Method Extensions

Are you ready to transform your entire being? Are you ready to feel like the powerful, confident woman you already are?

What are they?

These extensions provide next level experience as they are a hidden beaded row method (which means you cant see the beads when your hair is flipped up). Using hand tied wefts (hair that is individually sewn to the weft for a more natural fall) they provide comfort and mobility that many methods can not offer. They can be used for just fullness or for adding length and fullness.  They can help you achieve those boho braids your dreaming of and can also be worn to the gym with comfort and no extra work keep them hidden. And heck, you can be a mermaid and have hair to your waist if you want. They are here to offer you an extension that looks like the hair you were born with.


How do I make an appointment?

The process is  so important, which is why it may take a little longer to get on the books. 

The button below will take you to the application that needs to be filled out before we begin. That helps me see the work that needs to be done and what expenses are involved.

After the application has been filled out we will have a phone consultation where we go over the application more in detail and decide on a scheduling.

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