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New Guests: Welcome
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New  Client  Menu

I can't wait to meet you! Your experience will start with looking at the menu down below and choosing which option will be best for your first visit. For all services other than "Just Cut Me", you will need to fill out the consultation form to start the booking process. Once that is completed, I will review your form, your preferred service and contact you by email to give you the okay to go onto the online booking site and find a time that best suites your lifestyle. If I feel the service you chose will not suite you I will then give you the correct booking option.

Please note that these prices are for first visits only. After your first visit, you will book future appointments from the Existing Clients Menu.

Just Cut Me

New client haircut includes haircut, shampoo, scalp massage, and style with tips on how to style your own hair at home. Please feel free to bring your favorite hot tool and I will provide a walkthrough on how to best use that tool with your hair. The extra time in this service also acts as a consultation.

1.25 hours  |  Starting at $55

Revamp Me

This service is for someone looking to revamp their current look. If you would choose this service you are looking to make a slight enhancement to your hair or just refreshing what you already have. This service could be for glossing to refresh shine and tone or for coloring regrowth. It also could be for someone wanting to lighten a few pieces around their face frame. Includes color service, treatment, haircut, and style.
Note:  If you are looking for bigger changes to your hair, please look to the next option.

2.5 hours  |  Starting at $150

Upgrade Me

This service is for someone needing a tune-up for their hair. It is for someone who is looking for more dimension whether it be light or dark. This would be for a client wanting a medium amount of contrast added or covering roots to ends with color. Also for blondes needing a partial lightening or bleach touch-up, up to an inch of growth. Includes color services, treatment, haircut, and style. 
Note:  This will bring change to the hair but if you are looking for a complete transformation, look to the next option.

3.25 hours  |  Starting at $195

Transform Me

This service is for someone wanting a whole new look. It is for going much lighter or darker then what you came in with. This option could be for someone looking to have a full lightening session, for a brunette wanting a lot of dimension, or for gray coverage with added lightening services. It could also be great for a blonde wanting to go significantly darker. Includes color service, treatment, haircut, and style.
Note:  This is not a color correction. If you have multiple uneven layers of color from over the years, please look to the next option.

4 hours  |  Starting at $240

Completely Correct Me

This service is for someone expecting extreme results in one appointment. It is something that needs to be consulted with me directly to determine how long we would actually need for the service to meet our appointment goal. This could be for a client with hair that has multiple layers of color (professional or box) wanting to even out the color or maybe even to go platinum. This is also for people trying to get back to their natural color as quick as they can or if they want vivid colors. This requires an excessive amount of labor and product and can take anywhere from 4-12 hours. This service, for that reason, is charged by the hour after 4 hours.

Short Hair Starting At $300  |  Long Hair Starting At $350  |  $65 per hour after 4 hours



For Your Convenience


When you come in for your first appointment, please take advantage of the complimentary drinks and snacks in the lobby area. I encourage you to take this time to relax or catch up on anything you need to clear your mind. We also have a Guest Wi-Fi connection for your convenience.

When I take you to the chair, we will talk more in detail about the service booked and move forward with your appointment. While at the shampoo bowl, I include a hot towel and scalp massage with essential oil of your choice free of charge. While blow drying your hair, I will walk you through some styling and hair care tips. We will make sure the products you are using at home will help you sustain your color and keep your hair healthy in-between visits. Upon checkout, we can book your next appointment together or I can give you an appointment card with the appropriate service to book yourself on your time.

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